Unique Journey to the Whole

Image  by Chris Bourne from http://www.openhandweb.org/journey_life

It is said that real happiness lies in the journey itself and not in the destination.
We are all on a unique journey.
It is a journey to experience pure joy in the physical form and evolve our consciousness.
When we are born we know this but by the time we reach adulthood our environment creates the illusion for need of sufferings.
One of the reasons we forget that our journeys are unique is due to a constant pressure of
competition. A lot of us are told that unless we are successful according to the expectations of society we are not really successful. We are not enough educated, we don’t have a great job, our friends are not good enough, we haven’t bought a house yet, we are not married yet, we are too fat or too skinny, the list is endless.
The truth is that no two journeys can ever be compared. If two trains are going to the same destination but taking different routes and reaching at different times, the trains have still fulfilled their purposes. The trains have boarded different people from different stations. Both routes are equally important for the train transportation as a whole.
Sometimes we feel depressed because we have not reached our own set goals. There is no need to suffer from this illusion of failure.
We are part of the whole universe. The things that happen to us may seem unimportant but they are needed for our journeys so that we can evolve our consciousness.
Never feel that you must do something to in order to be successful. You are already a success because you are part of the universe. By being born you have embarked on a journey that is needed for evolution of universal consciousness.
Your only part is to do things that you enjoy. If you don’t have things that you enjoy then do things in a way that they give you joy. A simple way to enjoy things is to simply be aware. When you are aware of your breath your stress cannot stay and you can enjoy the present moment.
 When you are aware of things rather than thinking about things, you cannot experience anxiety. Do things in simple ways rather than complicating them.
Remember that you can never rush. You are never too late. You are never too early. You are not fat. You are not skinny. You are on your own unique journey.
Don’t distress yourself for the things that happened or didn’t happen.Everything is at the perfect pace. When you interfere with this pace, you lose the peace and the joy that comes from that activity. So don’t take pressure from anyone and enjoy your journey.
Your journey is important for the whole universe.The only journey is within!!

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