Shake the stress


Stress is one of the major causes of illness in human beings. We must be able to handle stress effectively.

Stress is nothing but thoughts about uncertain future and the belief that there is nothing you can do make it certain. Unfortunately it is wrong to think that we are not in control of our future. Stress is simply our thoughts and non-existent reality. If we think positively then we can create a positive reality.

Every time we have worry about the future we can simply replace those worrisome thoughts to thoughts that make us feel calmer. E.g. “I will never be able to find a job that I love” becomes “my dream job is coming to me”. Then spend your thoughts imagining how does having a great job makes you feel rather than thinking about a crappy job.

I think there is one easy way to release the stress and that is being in the present moment. It is impossible for us to stop thinking. We can guide our thoughts into thinking the way we want our future to be. When we think about the present, we are living and thinking the same thing. We eliminate past and future and thereby free ourselves from stress from both parts.

It is not easy to stay in the present moment but it is easy to come in the present moment. Think of a time when you were in deep thinking but a doorbell or a ringtone brought you in the present moment. At that moment, you only thought of the present (the buzzing sound) but went back to future when you started wondering who it could be.

By practicing coming to present moment whenever you can, you will form a habit of staying in the present moment. My father taught me a great way to stay in the present. E.g. I would walk a whole block while repeating that I am walking. I was concentrated only on the present moment and there was no worry about the future at all.

With practice, you can start staying in the present moment. Start with small tasks as doing dishes or laundry. When you are doing dishes, pay attention to the soap and water and how it is cleaning your dishes. Observe the process with your full concentration instead of doing it mechanically. Working your way from these small tasks to important task is fairly easy. E.g. instead of saying “I am stressed out about my presentation” you will say “I am giving a presentation” there will be no further thinking and hence no stress.

By staying in the present your body will eliminate the stress that can give birth to illnesses such as heart disease, obesity and sleep disorder. Your body will not feel the pressure that it feels thinking about the future. Your brain will not have to race to think too much and you will feel relaxed.

Relaxation brings good thoughts and by Law of Attraction, you will attract good experiences.

Here are some affirmations to stay in the present moment:

This is the only moment that I can live in therefore I enjoy it completely

I am in the present moment

This is the only moment that matters

I am aware of what I am doing at this moment

I observe my surroundings at this moment

I appreciate this moment

I notice what is around me

I focus on what I am doing at this moment

I release the past and accept the future for what it was/will be

This is the only moment that I can control

I am in love with this moment because of the power it has

My stressing our future does not bring any solution therefore I would rather enjoy the present moment

My current positive thinking is bringing a glorious future that I am already living

I am capable of taking care of everything that comes in my way

Universe helps me abundantly

Do it Anway

The hardest thing to do is to begin. We often plan things in our mind but rarely take actions. We are too consumed in daily lives of what is than what can be.

Can it be because we are lazy?

No, we are not lazy. We wake up every day even when we don’t feel like it, dress ourselves and our kids, go to work or school and come back home. By no means that can be called lazy.

I believe that real reason that we do not take actions is that deep within us lies fear. This fear stops us from doing something new or unusual because it might be scary. We feel safer where we are because at least we are familiar with the feelings.

There are two types of fear. Fear of failure and fear of success.

Fear of failure: This is a learned fear. I believe that fear of failure is learned through our parents. It is hard for adults to learn swimming because adults are more fearful of unknown situations compare to children, who are always eager to try new things.

As we grow older, we observe our parents or surrounding adults talking about failure in negative way and assume that this is a legit fear. If adults surrounding us did not respond to their failure positively we learned that it is bad to fail. Failing is not bad. Never trying is bad. Never taking a risk is bad.

When we do something we are bound to make mistakes. But taking no action is the worst mistake. We are bound to miss 100% of the chances we never we take.

Fear of success: Fear of success protects us from being in limelight. It is uneasy for many people to even receive a compliment. They are afraid that by being the focus they are attracting unwanted attention from enemies (due to our evolution process- lion eats the person who is in the front not the ones in group).

It is not easy to get rid of any of the fear and you shouldn’t. As I said, fear is here to protect us, it guides us. That feeling you get when you know you need to run away from danger is fear. It is only trying to protect you. It’s not only good thing, it is an amazing thing.

Every time we encounter fear before taking an action, we need to convince ourselves that there is no danger in doing it. E.g. at first you might be afraid to swim but under a trained instructor you can convince yourself that nothing bad can happen to you, you will always be protected by your instructor. If protection is taken care by instructor, fear can rest and you can finally take the first step in a swimming pool.

No matter how scared you feel to do something, do it anyway. People who succeed feel the same fear but they take actions anyway.

Taking the first step might be harder but once you get started you know your journey will end one day. You might fail but you might as well succeed.

No matter the outcome, taking the first step is already a victory.

Failure is only an illusion, with every failure there is one less attempt to try.

Success is also an illusion. Success is not just an award in a ceremony; it is the satisfaction you feel in your heart knowing that you had enough courage to go beyond your fears. You untangled the web of fear and through it you made a quantum leap into the web of actions.

Every action has a reaction; it is only matter of time when your seed will grow the first root. Remember root is within soil, you cannot see it until first sprout comes out but you know that it is there. Have patience.

Never ever stop taking actions because every time you start something you have changed this world just a bit.

6 ways to attract Happiness NOW

1.   Forgive: It is easier said than done but it has to be done. When we forgive, we release ourselves from the past. We let go of what could be and focus on what can be. If it is very hard to forgive then think of a time when you sincerely apologized to someone, did you hope that they would forgive? Imagine forgiving yourself at that moment. If you can be easy on yourself, you can be easy on others. Happiness is more important than holding grudges.

2.    Be grateful: Grateful for what you have brings you more things to be grateful for. It is the attitude that makes you humble and receptive of generosity of this Universe. Everyday count 5 new things to be grateful for and see the difference in your daily mood. Do this the first thing in the morning and set the positive tone for the day. When things get really tough, don’t forget to be grateful for your health, family, home, love or whatever things that you take for granted such as your bed, shower, pillow, phone, bathroom, fan, comb, toothbrush, literally anything, anything will do. Be happy for small things and big things will appear.

3.    Regret nothing: No matter how bad your decision was, there is nothing you can do to change it now. Stop regretting things that you did in the past. This relates to forgiving. Forgive your past. Easiest way to stop regretting is focusing on the present moment. If you could make a fresh start, wouldn’t you? Nobody is stopping you. In fact, starting it again is only admirable. Focusing on present is no easy task but that is why we meditate. Meditate at least 5 minutes a day. You can even meditate in a  or bus, just not in the car while driving .  Here is a 5 minute meditation practice: Close your eyes, and breathe deeply. If you are not home then you may not want to breathe deeply but normal breathing can be good enough too. Breathe once and count 1, breathe second time and count 2, continue until you reach the number 10. Once you reach the number 10, cross one finger and repeat the process until your 5 fingers are crossed. There you have it, a quick meditation. You can repeat the process for 2-3 times. Once finished, gently open your eyes. It is easy and can be done anywhere.

4.    Be nice: I have heard many times that people take advantage of your niceness so you need to step up your game and be a b*tch. Oh, only if you knew that karma is a real b*tch and nothing gets unnoticed –small or big. We are all individuals and were raised in different environments so it is obvious that we will not get along with everyone. But that does not mean you need to mean to other people.

Be nice to your enemies. Some people might be jealous of you or resent you for whatever reason, you cannot feel the same way about them. Even when you know that someone do not have good intentions for you, be nice to them. That is your greatest strength. Let karma take care of them and you take control of your own life. If you believe in Law of Attraction then by being nice you will keep attracting nice people. Even if you attract mean people once in a while, practice being nice to them and you will soon open up many doors.
Be nice to strangers. When you see elders or pregnant women, offer your seat. Put a quarter in an expired meter, smile to a fellow commuter, let a hurried driver go before your, let someone go first before your turn, give a penny or two to the person who is standing before you in the checkout register, give a sincere compliment. There are many ways to give and even more ways to receive back. Feel the magic of giving something without any expectations – ah, that moment is the best of all.
Be nice to yourself. You can never have compassion for others without having compassion for yourself. Be nice to yourself. If you spill the milk, you are not a complete idiot, you just had an accident and it is fixable. If you missed the train, you were not walking or driving too slow, you just missed a train, there is nothing else about it. If you made a mistake at work, you are not the first and you won’t be the last.

5.    Be yourself, be vulnerable: It hurts to be vulnerable, but being vulnerable is being you. You are taking a risk that someone will hurt you but you are also opening up universe’s channel that people will accept you for who you are. If we don’t want to get hurt then we should never go out because where else is safest than being home, in our bed, comfortable. However, staying home does not bring anything new and you certainly cannot find the fun and happiness that other people bring to you. Yes, it can mean that they may hurt you but it’s better to get hurt in search of fun than being lonely. I promise you that when you are ready to be yourself, you will attract those who love you for who you are. Your truth is more beautiful than you can imagine.
6.    Stop judging: Unless you are judge in an actual court please do not take responsibility of such a big task. It is normal to evaluate other people but making assumptions about them creates wall that doesn’t really exist. Wearing short skirt does not make anyone a slut and a being shy does not make anyone a dumb person. People can be insecure, just like you. Give them a chance to do or be what they want and accept them for who they are. Nobody talks behind you. If they do, it only means that you are worth talking about, take no offense for that. Judging stops you from being happy because you are too busy to find reasons to be sad about something.

Health Affirmations


I am very healthy

I lovingly take care of my body

Taking care of my body is a ritual not a task

I eat just enough

I know when to stop eating

I eat healthy food and beverages only

I am blessed with a great body

I am grateful to my body for letting me experience the physical world

I dress my body appropriately

I put only nourishing lotions, oil and powders on my face and body

Healthy food tastes amazing to me

I enjoy fresh fruits and vegetables

Wherever I go, fresh fruits and vegetables are always available for me

I thank the nutrients for nourishing my body

I enjoy working out

Working out is as important as brushing my teeth and taking showers

I always have plenty of time to exercise

I communicate with my body and understand the signals it gives me

I appreciate the love my cells and love them back

I am simply grateful to have this body

I take walks

I meditate frequently

It is easy for me to stay active and eat healthy

My diet is balanced

My exercise routine is balanced

I always have energy to work out

I always have energy to cook and eat fresh meals

I surround myself with people who enjoy similar healthy lifestyle

I respect my body and eating only enough rather than stuffing my little stomach

I know that my body is always trying to do the best for me therefore I take the pledge to help it in every way I can

Thanks to my healthy body, I am spiritually connected to the Universe

I am relaxed and I enjoy life to the fullest

I get good massages

I smile many times throughout the day




Body is connected

Have you heard of the expression, “The Body Has a Mind of Its Own?” It’s very true.

Our bodies are connected to the Universe. We never have to take care of our bodies because our bodies take care of us. Our noses breathe for us, our hearts beat for us, our stomachs digest or store food us. If our bodies did not signal us when to go to the bathroom, we would be in big trouble. Imagine if we had to pay attention to these important details how busy we would get.  Thanks to our magnificent bodies, everything is well taken care of. Thank you beautiful bodies.

You do not have to do much to appreciate your bodies. Just keep it clean, provide it with energy from fresh vegetables, whole grains, some meat and tons of fruits. Our bodies work best on unprocessed food. Unprocessed food comes from the Universe and body can recognize and digest it easily.

Our bodies are always in the present moment. Our minds, however, transport to past and future at any time. Mind seldom stays in the present. Disconnect occurs when our minds are in the past or future for too long while our bodies remain in the present. Every cell in our bodies hears and responds to our thoughts. When we have too many fearful and angry thoughts they do everything they can to protect us. For example, if you feel fearful, your body will burn fewer calories to save energy for the uncertain future. When you are not thinking about uncertainty of future, your body will stay in the present and burn energy as needed. This is why stress can make you gain weight. Bodies are so amazing. They don’t just get anxious; they do what they can in the PRESENT moment to make you feel secure. They take actions. There is so much we can learn from them.

Staying in the present moment is the best way to keep your bodies connected to the Universe.

Meditation and yoga connects your body and mind.

Complain less and appreciate more
Eat only enough and love more than enough
Stress less and play more
Talk less and listen more

Your bodies enable you to enjoy this beautiful earthly life. Do not take it for granted. Love it back because it loves you more than anyone else can ever love you.

Image Credit: eye

Note: Special thanks to LC for her help in editing this article.

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The Truth

Mt. Rainier, Washington

We all want to be happy. This is a journey to experience happiness in doing and in being. First, Happiness comes from being then it comes from doing.

Real happiness stems from the truth that we are sufficient without any needs.

We are all that exist. Whatever exists is us.

Truth sets us free. Truth brings us real happiness. But happiness cannot come, it is always there. Knowing that you are magnificent is the discovery of happiness. Believing that you are an average person with no magnificence is the darkness. Why should we believe in such lies? Would you ever believe that you are a horse? Then why would you believe that you are an average person.

You cannot believe your truth you can only know your truth. You are that which you wish you could be. You are the wealth, you are the love, you are the stars, you are all there is. You are amazing. You are not a reflection of happiness, you are the happiness. You are the truth.

Then why do you choose to forget this truth? Why do you buy into the lies that you hear from others? Because you make a choice. When society gives you pressure, you make a choice to go along with them rather than standing out. You would rather mixed in than stand out. It is just so much more comfortable or so you think. Your thinking is the problem.

Thinking is tool that got us where we are in our evolutionary process. The tool that is our best friend but without the proper discipline our worst enemy. When someone tells you that are not good enough you think of it as the truth. You start believing the lie as a truth because it seems easier. It feels wrong but seems right. Right is not the truth. Truth has no right or wrong. Truth is the truth. Something is either the truth or nothing at all.

I don’t want to go into the lies that you have believed but I do want to show you the truth you are seeking. What you seek is already there. Your magnificence is the truth. You are the love. Don’t believe into the lies that anyone has told you. Know your own magnificence. You do not have to start thinking. You have to do exact opposite of thinking. You simply have to be. Being is the truth. You simply have to relax and let your truth lead you where you need to be. There is nothing new to invent but a few things to discover. Discover yourself in the light of truth. Just for a minute, know that you are all that there is. Just for a minute, say with me that “I am all that there is and that is the truth”. Your personal truth is you are a spiritual being in the human form. You are here to enjoy the ride. Nothing that has ever happened in your past can take away your truth. Your truth cannot be touched because lie doesn’t exist. Lie is the illusion. Let’s be open to our truth. Let’s be open to our magnificence.