Body is connected

Have you heard of the expression, “The Body Has a Mind of Its Own?” It’s very true.

Our bodies are connected to the Universe. We never have to take care of our bodies because our bodies take care of us. Our noses breathe for us, our hearts beat for us, our stomachs digest or store food us. If our bodies did not signal us when to go to the bathroom, we would be in big trouble. Imagine if we had to pay attention to these important details how busy we would get.  Thanks to our magnificent bodies, everything is well taken care of. Thank you beautiful bodies.

You do not have to do much to appreciate your bodies. Just keep it clean, provide it with energy from fresh vegetables, whole grains, some meat and tons of fruits. Our bodies work best on unprocessed food. Unprocessed food comes from the Universe and body can recognize and digest it easily.

Our bodies are always in the present moment. Our minds, however, transport to past and future at any time. Mind seldom stays in the present. Disconnect occurs when our minds are in the past or future for too long while our bodies remain in the present. Every cell in our bodies hears and responds to our thoughts. When we have too many fearful and angry thoughts they do everything they can to protect us. For example, if you feel fearful, your body will burn fewer calories to save energy for the uncertain future. When you are not thinking about uncertainty of future, your body will stay in the present and burn energy as needed. This is why stress can make you gain weight. Bodies are so amazing. They don’t just get anxious; they do what they can in the PRESENT moment to make you feel secure. They take actions. There is so much we can learn from them.

Staying in the present moment is the best way to keep your bodies connected to the Universe.

Meditation and yoga connects your body and mind.

Complain less and appreciate more
Eat only enough and love more than enough
Stress less and play more
Talk less and listen more

Your bodies enable you to enjoy this beautiful earthly life. Do not take it for granted. Love it back because it loves you more than anyone else can ever love you.

Image Credit: eye

Note: Special thanks to LC for her help in editing this article.

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