Thought Pollution

We are aware of noise, water and air pollution. There is also thought pollution on this earth.

Thought pollution is defined as contamination of inner peace by negative thoughts.

Thinking is an important tool for human beings. We think, so we can solve our problems. When we start creating problems in our head, thoughts become problems.

Our thoughts have frequencies to attract similar thoughts. E.g. when we think inspiring thoughts, our next thoughts will also be inspiring, unless this frequency gets interrupted by a different thought e.g. an insult by your boss.

Once our thought gets contaminated by a negative thought, similar thoughts will get attracted.

When we fall asleep, we do not think. Our brains are working but we do not think. If we sleep for 7-8 hours, we wake up refreshed. This is the best time to think positive thoughts because we get to start a new string of thoughts.

Start your day with appreciation for life. You will think similar thoughts throughout your day.

When this string gets interrupted by an outside negative thought, start appreciating again. Appreciation is the best way to keep the mind clear of negative thinking.

This is not a onetime process. Just as we clean our bodies every day, we must clean our minds every day.

A dusty piece of jewelry is still jewelry. Crumbled money does not lose its value, we simply straighten it out. It is the same with mind. When our minds are clean and clear, we can see its beauty. We become aware of its magnificence.

We can change our thought patterns by shifting to one powerful thought. It can be from within e.g. a positive self-talk or from outside e.g. a compliment from a friend. You do not want to be dependent on outside force. To shift your thought, practice going within. You are not limiting yourself but tapping into an infinite force. By going within, you are approaching the whole Universe.

This newsletter is intended to start a positive thought string in the morning. I hope your every day is filled with laughter and joy.

Remember: only when clouds disappear, we can see the beautiful stars 🙂






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