5 Es to Exceptional You

Express, Environment, Energize, Experience, Evolve

1. Express yourself: You are a channel through which Universe expresses itself. If you do not express, you are denying the truth that is within you.

What is mean by expressing yourself? Expressing does not mean giving opinions.

Expressing = accepting your feelings. It is about you.

E.g. She is a bitch an Opinion

I am angry at her because her actions made me feel bad is Expressing

When others fail to fulfill our expectations we feel angry, resentful, envious, frustrated etc.

We need to identify how we feel about certain issues and then release the emotions.

Why?  Trapped emotions reflect through our bodies. Emotions = Energy. Energy needs to escape so it can be repurposed. By releasing your emotions i.e. expressing yourself, you make space for new energy. If you are always angry, how can you ever be joyous?

I do not mean you forget what happened. You consciously forgive others and yourself so you can move on.

How to express yourself? When your partner says something hurtful or when your boss criticizes you, don’t bottle it up. I don’t mean scream at them right there and then. Remember that expressing yourself is about you, not them.

When you are alone or with a trusted friend (a friend who does not judge you), let go of yourself completely. Imagine the person who has hurt you is with you and then talk to them (imagination only). Tell him or her how you feel.

E.g. you were passed on for a promotion. When you are alone, imagine your boss is with you. Say, “Kristina (boss), I am so angry that you did not give me the promotion. I worked hard for 2 years and it feels like it did not matter at all. I feel very disappointed. I feel like I have been taken advantage of. I feel angry, resentful, betrayed and frustrated. How could you do this to me?” Think of all the emotions you are feeling and express them. If it helps, write them down but saying verbally feels so much better. Cry if you feel like it. You are not doing anything bad. You are releasing your emotions.

When you feel a little better, then ask yourself what would make this situation better? Find a solution that gives you feelings of control and satisfaction (I don’t mean revenge). Can you look for another position? Can you ask for a transfer?  Was the other person, in fact, more eligible?

Sometimes when you talk to someone when they are not with you, they can still hear you (through vibrations). Maybe your boss will realize her mistake and promote you as well.

Remember to express your positive emotions as well. Laugh with your heart and eyes. There is always something silly and funny going on. Lighten up your heart.

2. Environment: Your environment brings your experiences. If you are constantly in negative environment, your experiences will be similar. You can control your environment.

Consciously choose your surroundings.

You adapt to your surroundings unless you are aware of it. Hanging out with a constant complainer may make you the same way. You do not have to ignore that person fearfully.

When you are with a person who makes you feel bad, simply observe him or her. Do not judge. Know that his or her experiences do not have to be true for you. Be a listening ear and nothing else. Don’t feel his or her feelings. When you do not give constant attention to complainers they tend to leave you alone so they can find someone who will feel bad for them.

Surround yourself with positive energy, people and places. Go for a walk in nature, do some yoga, listen to uplifting music or watch funny videos. These are some of the ways to consciously choose your surroundings.

3. Energize: Your sacred body and mind needs sacred energy.

Your body loves you, love it back.

Energize your body with nourishing foods and water. Eat for your body, not for your feelings.

Physical exercise will release trapped emotions and toxins from your body while providing you with energy.

Yoga will connect your mind and body with each other.

Energize your soul by expressing yourself as mentioned in the 1st point.

Meditate regularly. Meditation connects you with the source. This is the strongest way to energize.

4. Experience: Do not judge your circumstances. Simply experience them. You do not know whether particular situation is good or bad.

When someone gives you a gift, you think it is as a good experience. You do not know that yet. The person who gives you the gift may have bad intentions for you but you do not know that. When you receive a gift, simply observe how you feel. Do you feel happy, appreciated, or loved?

When someone hurts you, you think it is a bad experience. You do not know that yet. Perhaps a small “bad” experience has saved you from a big “bad” experience. Observe how you feel. Do you feel betrayed, hopeless or disappointed?

When you become an observer of your experience, you immediately connect to the source. By judging your experiences, you are charging them positively or negatively. Keep your experiences neutral.

5. Evolve: Learn from your mistakes. Do not fret over them. Change habits that do not connect you with the source. Failure evolves you to succeed, so don’t be afraid to fail and keep trying.

Forgive and accept yourself.

Read more, experience more and live every moment.

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