What is wrong with me?


I forgot to do something that was very important, how could that happen? What’s wrong with me?

“What’s wrong with me?” is the question we ask every time we make a mistake.

I don’t think there is anything in particular wrong with us besides being human and making human errors.

Every time we do something good we never say, “what is so great about me that I can do this so efficiently?”

For whatever reason, we always stick out our mistakes and ignore our achievements.

It is time to let go of that behavior and get the feel of your greatness.

Every time you make a mistake (no matter how big) instead of picking on yourself, think of a caption that says: “Lesson Learned” and move on to the next project.

Every time you do something successfully (no matter how small), pat yourself on the back and say, “I am amazing”.

Repeat this until it becomes a habit.

This is not applicable to lazy people. Always work honestly & truthfully and biggest problems will become small and smallest achievements will turn into glorious moments.

I am amazing that I wrote this 😉

Making mistakes

Mistakes are part of our lives. Yet they are frowned upon. But who is frowning upon them? Those who never make mistakes? Those who make mistakes but at least not very big mistakes?


We all make mistakes. I do not mean to affirm that I make mistakes, because that would be bad hahaha. I just mean that don’t fight your every mistake. Forgot to put milk back in the fridge? Whatever… throw the spoiled milk and buy a new carton. Fresh milk is better anyway. For the economy as well.

Sometimes we make big mistakes at work. E.g. maybe did not ship an important document on time or forgot an important deadline that will cost company money. So what should we do now?

We must start by forgiving ourselves. Mistakes are always to be forgiven. We automatically go in a self criticizing mode because it is a way of paying for our mistakes. But mistakes do not need to be paid of, they need to be forgiven. If your child or best friend made mistakes would you berate them or forgive them? Treat yourself as you would your best friend. And if you do berate them, start to forgive them. If you forgive mistakes of others, your mistakes will be forgiven by others.

I personally have hard time forgiving my mistakes because I used to get hit as a child when I made mistakes. If you did not get physically hit, you may have received verbal abuse. Such events shape our lives therefore it is not your fault if you criticize yourself.

So, the first step is to forgive yourself for being hard on the self. That is how you were brought up. Your parents did not know any better, so they could not have taught you better.

Remember that making mistakes do not make you a bad person. Simply acknowledge that what happened was an unintentional event and that you learned your lesson for the next time. Even if you repeat the mistakes, do not worry about it. Sometimes, it takes time to learn. We all have different pace of learning.

In many instances we worry about what others will think of us. This is a problem for me as well. Know that others do not dwell on your mistakes if you do not dwell upon them. Release every past event –whether it was a mistake or not. If we think about it, even mistakes are part of our journeys that shape our future. When you make too many mistakes, you should take a look at the underlying cause. Perhaps you do not appreciate the environment and then it might be time for you to stop trying. This is not quitting, it is an act of surrendering. I have surrendered from a job where I made one too many simple mistakes. I tried my best but I could not improve the situation. But that was when I did not know that there was a reason behind that negative environment. Take charge and change your situation now. Repeat these affirmations every morning.

My work is always recognized positively.

Everything I touch is a success.

All my tasks are easy.

It is easy for me to focus on the assignment.

I review my work carefully.

I take criticism constructively.

I forgive myself for not being perfect.

I work at a job that makes me happy.

My happiness is foremost.

I laugh throughout the day – even at my own mistakes.

I am inspired.

New ideas flow through me.

I am a creative person.

Divine force guides me.

I understand my tasks.

I remember information.

I take good notes.

I ask intelligent questions.

I love myself just the way I am.

I am tolerant towards mistakes of others.

I forgive myself and others.

I love life.


If you swim or even tried to learn swimming, you know that the key to floating is to stop struggling and letting go. In my mother tongue Marathi there is a beautiful saying, “Panyache vagane kiti visangat, pohnyarala budawate, pretala thevate tarangat.” It means that, “Behavior of water is so odd, swimmers sink and dead bodies float”.

Force of water is nothing compare to our small bodies. When we flow with the water, we join the force instead of defending against it. Defending yourself is an attack against you. You are expecting the Universe to be against you. It is not the case. The Universe wants to lift you up and take you to places you cannot imagine. But you have to let go of your struggles. Water can float you only when you embrace it.


In our everyday life we are constantly struggling. Struggling to make money, raise a family, upgrading cars, upgrading homes, etc. You may think that you are in the worst situation but you are never bound to stay there. Even if you are in a prison, your mind is always free to wander. You do have the ultimate power.

Surrendering does not mean giving up, it means letting go.

Quit trying to control everything. Simply dream and imagine. Universe will take care of the rest. Have faith that you are meant to live a life like king and queen. Royals never take care of details, they simply ask and wait to receive what they want. Yes, you do need to take actions but you do not need to control every single thing. Most of our controlling needs come from the past and future. We are often chain with the past limitations and uncertainty of future makes us anxious. When you feel fearful or anxious it is time to surrender. Surrendering means to focus on the present moment. You enjoy the beauty around you, you notice color of your desk or drawer, you realize that you are blinking every 2 seconds, you notice location of your tongue, you are aware that you are reading a blog, you realize stars behind the blog pages J

You already surrender every few seconds without realizing it. How? Every time you exhale, you surrender to the Universe knowing that your next breath is waiting for you. You don’t keep your breath inside out of fear that the next breath won’t be there. You have faith that the next breath will be there. That is the faith you need when you surrender.

Sometimes we may not get the results that we want when we let go of things. For example, you are taking a hard class in school and struggling to pass it. Do you keep working hard towards it or do you withdraw? If you withdraw there are consequences such as lost tuition or graduating late or losing financial aid etc. Surrendering in this case is not necessarily withdrawing; it can be trying to relax and enjoying the class. Instead of trying to pass the class, you are surrendering to learning. You can let go of your old studying patterns and learn new ways of approaching the subject. Asking for help is also surrendering.

Sometimes we may find ourselves in suffocating relationships that we are too afraid to let go. We are fearful that we are giving up on people, even worse on ourselves. But it is never giving up, it is only letting go. Let go of people who do not nurture you. Surrender to your bliss. Demanding relationships do not deserve your attention. It is time to let them go.

To let go of old patterns, we can start learning new things. Dancing, kayaking, smiling, complimenting, loving, socializing in different events, reading a new genre of books, or listening to new music, are all different ways of surrendering.

Besides, it is in vain to try to change your circumstance or people around you. When you do not like something, simply let it go. There is no reason to change it. There is only person you can change and that is yourself. You have no power on anyone else. Thankfully, it means nobody has power over you.

Are you ready to surrender? Will you surrender right now? If yes, please repeat the following:

I surrender to the Universe, to the infinite.

I may not know what tomorrow will bring but I know the Sun will shine and it is enough for me.

I let go of the need to control everything.

Universe surprises me in the most blissful way. I look forward to all the presents that present moment brings.

I release my fears (past) and anxiety (future) because I choose to accept the gift of this present moment.