Making mistakes

Mistakes are part of our lives. Yet they are frowned upon. But who is frowning upon them? Those who never make mistakes? Those who make mistakes but at least not very big mistakes?


We all make mistakes. I do not mean to affirm that I make mistakes, because that would be bad hahaha. I just mean that don’t fight your every mistake. Forgot to put milk back in the fridge? Whatever… throw the spoiled milk and buy a new carton. Fresh milk is better anyway. For the economy as well.

Sometimes we make big mistakes at work. E.g. maybe did not ship an important document on time or forgot an important deadline that will cost company money. So what should we do now?

We must start by forgiving ourselves. Mistakes are always to be forgiven. We automatically go in a self criticizing mode because it is a way of paying for our mistakes. But mistakes do not need to be paid of, they need to be forgiven. If your child or best friend made mistakes would you berate them or forgive them? Treat yourself as you would your best friend. And if you do berate them, start to forgive them. If you forgive mistakes of others, your mistakes will be forgiven by others.

I personally have hard time forgiving my mistakes because I used to get hit as a child when I made mistakes. If you did not get physically hit, you may have received verbal abuse. Such events shape our lives therefore it is not your fault if you criticize yourself.

So, the first step is to forgive yourself for being hard on the self. That is how you were brought up. Your parents did not know any better, so they could not have taught you better.

Remember that making mistakes do not make you a bad person. Simply acknowledge that what happened was an unintentional event and that you learned your lesson for the next time. Even if you repeat the mistakes, do not worry about it. Sometimes, it takes time to learn. We all have different pace of learning.

In many instances we worry about what others will think of us. This is a problem for me as well. Know that others do not dwell on your mistakes if you do not dwell upon them. Release every past event –whether it was a mistake or not. If we think about it, even mistakes are part of our journeys that shape our future. When you make too many mistakes, you should take a look at the underlying cause. Perhaps you do not appreciate the environment and then it might be time for you to stop trying. This is not quitting, it is an act of surrendering. I have surrendered from a job where I made one too many simple mistakes. I tried my best but I could not improve the situation. But that was when I did not know that there was a reason behind that negative environment. Take charge and change your situation now. Repeat these affirmations every morning.

My work is always recognized positively.

Everything I touch is a success.

All my tasks are easy.

It is easy for me to focus on the assignment.

I review my work carefully.

I take criticism constructively.

I forgive myself for not being perfect.

I work at a job that makes me happy.

My happiness is foremost.

I laugh throughout the day – even at my own mistakes.

I am inspired.

New ideas flow through me.

I am a creative person.

Divine force guides me.

I understand my tasks.

I remember information.

I take good notes.

I ask intelligent questions.

I love myself just the way I am.

I am tolerant towards mistakes of others.

I forgive myself and others.

I love life.

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