Affirmations for Inner Peace while dealing with Racism:

I am safe.

You are safe.

We are all safe.

I love and approve of myself.

I love and approve of you.

We love and approve of everyone.

My skin color is gorgeous.

Your skin color is gorgeous.

Our skin colors are gorgeous.

My hair is beautiful.

Your hair is beautiful.

Our hair are beautiful.

I am good enough.

You are good enough.

We are all good enough.

I am one with everyone.

We are all one.

Everyone loves me.

I love everyone.

We love each other.

I am defined by my talents and intelligence only.

You are defined by your talents only.

We are defined by our talents only.

We are all the same race of human being.

Things are improving in this world for you, me, and everyone.

I see love in others.

You see love in others.

We see love in each other.

I succeed in everything that I do.

You succeed in everything that you do.

We succeed in everything that we do.

I am supported by ALL people.

You are supported by All people

We are supported by each other.

I support others’ wellbeing, happiness, and success.

You support others’ wellbeing, happiness, and success.

We support others’ wellbeing, happiness, and success.

I am happy and healthy.

I am grateful for being alive and having the opportunity to experience the joy in life. I bring joy to others.

I do not need to compete with others, there is plenty for everyone.

It is my right to be wealthy.

You have a right to be wealthy.

We have a right to be wealthy.

I have friends everywhere.

You have friends everywhere.

We have friends everywhere.

I am free to go wherever I want.

You are free to go wherever I want.

We are free to go wherever we want.

I love my family.

You love your family.

We love our families.

I take care of my children and children of all human race. We are all the same.

I see with clarity and love.

You see with clarity and love.

We see with clarity and love.

All people are equal.

I am same as others.

I am happy with my self.

I do not need to question others or myself.

My identity is of human race only [and not of color].

I look within whenever I need answers.

I contribute to make others’ lives be better.

I am a positive contributor to the world’s peace.

I let go of thoughts that are not helpful/peaceful.

I am at peace with myself.

Wealth Affirmations


I am wealthy

I am rich beyond imagination

Money flows through me

Every thing I touch turns into profit

My financial position is getting better

Money comes to me from all directions

As I breathe I accept more wealth

Money is my loyal friend

I make a fortune in all endeavors.

I am surrounded by loyal and honest people who help me succeed

I provide valuable services for which my clients and/or employer is willing to pay me abundantly

Profitable opportunities seek me

I am a millionaire/billionaire (whichever you can believe now)

I help others as needed

I am comfortable being rich

Money is good

I am a good person despite being rich (no need to feel guilty)

Thank you!



Health Affirmations


I am very healthy

I lovingly take care of my body

Taking care of my body is a ritual not a task

I eat just enough

I know when to stop eating

I eat healthy food and beverages only

I am blessed with a great body

I am grateful to my body for letting me experience the physical world

I dress my body appropriately

I put only nourishing lotions, oil and powders on my face and body

Healthy food tastes amazing to me

I enjoy fresh fruits and vegetables

Wherever I go, fresh fruits and vegetables are always available for me

I thank the nutrients for nourishing my body

I enjoy working out

Working out is as important as brushing my teeth and taking showers

I always have plenty of time to exercise

I communicate with my body and understand the signals it gives me

I appreciate the love my cells and love them back

I am simply grateful to have this body

I take walks

I meditate frequently

It is easy for me to stay active and eat healthy

My diet is balanced

My exercise routine is balanced

I always have energy to work out

I always have energy to cook and eat fresh meals

I surround myself with people who enjoy similar healthy lifestyle

I respect my body and eating only enough rather than stuffing my little stomach

I know that my body is always trying to do the best for me therefore I take the pledge to help it in every way I can

Thanks to my healthy body, I am spiritually connected to the Universe

I am relaxed and I enjoy life to the fullest

I get good massages

I smile many times throughout the day