Follow your ideas

More frequently than not, we come up with great ideas. We think it can change the world. We feel happy and thrilled. Everything seems in its place until someone doesn’t agree with us or when we doubt our own success. Doubts would be something like these: there are already people who are providing these services or goods, you will face too much competition, you are not big enough blah blah blah. Then, we give up even before we start.

There will always be people who don’t agree with your ideas. Fortunately there are always people who support you with your purpose. These are the people who inspire you and who are inspired by you. Inspiration is not always obvious. Sometimes we inspire without knowing. People don’t always verbalize their gratitude or positive feelings. This does not mean that you do not make a difference in their lives.

Don’t doubt your own efforts. Do it for the people who inspire you and that person can very well be yourself. If you make a small difference even in one person’s life, it’s worth the effort.

The ideas that come in your head, are not your own. You receive them from your Higher Self.  No matter how small, take an action. It can be just writing down your ideas in the notebook. It will make a difference.

Good Luck!

Taking things personally

When people talk negative about us or look down at us, it is hard not to take it personally. But what exactly are we taking personally? It is other people’s opinions and feelings. The hurtful feelings are not ours. We are taking on unnecessary burden.

When people are behaving negatively, their behavior says a lot about them and NEVER about you.

Their opinion about you or your behavior comes from their upbringings or thoughts; it has NOTHING to do with you or your behavior.

Therefore, do not take anything personally. They don’t know you the way you know yourself. Perhaps you made mistakes but you are not a mistake. Your mistakes don’t represent you. You are whole regardless of your behavior.

If we hate people who hate us, then we are reflecting on their behavior, not their true self. If we forgive those who hurt us, we are reflecting on their true self. And since we are all one source, forgiveness means being true to ourselves.

It is easier to forgive than you think. We all have said bad things about others, either to hurt them or gain approval from others. If you can forgive yourself, you can forgive those who have done the same thing.

So next time someone says something hurtful, remember to repeat, “It is not about me, it is about them. I forgive.” 🙂


Why Bad Things Happen to Good People?

Fly High with Knowledge

When I first learned about the law of attraction, I wondered how a nice person can attract bad things. I thought that a good person can never have bad thoughts.

I now realize that there are no such things as good or bad. We have created these labels for our convenience.

The law of attraction does not judge us. It only responds to the frequency of our thoughts. When we are vibrating on a frequency of being a victim, the law of attraction will bring us people who will make us feel like a victim. The law doesn’t say, “omg, Smita what are you doing, think something different” or “even though she is thinking thoughts of being a victim I will still bring her people who respect her”. The law does not label our thoughts; it simply brings them as a reality.

This is the reason bad things happen to good people. I recently met a person who does his best to serve others. He told me that all his life he served others. Unfortunately he thinks that people take advantage of his good nature without reciprocating. The law of attraction simply makes it a reality for him. If he believes that he is served by others as others serve him, his reality will reflect that.

Our most important task is to pay attention to our thinking pattern. Even better would be to think as little as possible and to stay in the present moment. If silencing your mind is a too difficult task, at least think thoughts that bring you a positive reality.

In the core of us, we are neither good nor bad. We simply are. Things don’t happen to us, we attract them.

Shake the stress


Stress is one of the major causes of illness in human beings. We must be able to handle stress effectively.

Stress is nothing but thoughts about uncertain future and the belief that there is nothing you can do make it certain. Unfortunately it is wrong to think that we are not in control of our future. Stress is simply our thoughts and non-existent reality. If we think positively then we can create a positive reality.

Every time we have worry about the future we can simply replace those worrisome thoughts to thoughts that make us feel calmer. E.g. “I will never be able to find a job that I love” becomes “my dream job is coming to me”. Then spend your thoughts imagining how does having a great job makes you feel rather than thinking about a crappy job.

I think there is one easy way to release the stress and that is being in the present moment. It is impossible for us to stop thinking. We can guide our thoughts into thinking the way we want our future to be. When we think about the present, we are living and thinking the same thing. We eliminate past and future and thereby free ourselves from stress from both parts.

It is not easy to stay in the present moment but it is easy to come in the present moment. Think of a time when you were in deep thinking but a doorbell or a ringtone brought you in the present moment. At that moment, you only thought of the present (the buzzing sound) but went back to future when you started wondering who it could be.

By practicing coming to present moment whenever you can, you will form a habit of staying in the present moment. My father taught me a great way to stay in the present. E.g. I would walk a whole block while repeating that I am walking. I was concentrated only on the present moment and there was no worry about the future at all.

With practice, you can start staying in the present moment. Start with small tasks as doing dishes or laundry. When you are doing dishes, pay attention to the soap and water and how it is cleaning your dishes. Observe the process with your full concentration instead of doing it mechanically. Working your way from these small tasks to important task is fairly easy. E.g. instead of saying “I am stressed out about my presentation” you will say “I am giving a presentation” there will be no further thinking and hence no stress.

By staying in the present your body will eliminate the stress that can give birth to illnesses such as heart disease, obesity and sleep disorder. Your body will not feel the pressure that it feels thinking about the future. Your brain will not have to race to think too much and you will feel relaxed.

Relaxation brings good thoughts and by Law of Attraction, you will attract good experiences.

Here are some affirmations to stay in the present moment:

This is the only moment that I can live in therefore I enjoy it completely

I am in the present moment

This is the only moment that matters

I am aware of what I am doing at this moment

I observe my surroundings at this moment

I appreciate this moment

I notice what is around me

I focus on what I am doing at this moment

I release the past and accept the future for what it was/will be

This is the only moment that I can control

I am in love with this moment because of the power it has

My stressing our future does not bring any solution therefore I would rather enjoy the present moment

My current positive thinking is bringing a glorious future that I am already living

I am capable of taking care of everything that comes in my way

Universe helps me abundantly

The Truth

Mt. Rainier, Washington

We all want to be happy. This is a journey to experience happiness in doing and in being. First, Happiness comes from being then it comes from doing.

Real happiness stems from the truth that we are sufficient without any needs.

We are all that exist. Whatever exists is us.

Truth sets us free. Truth brings us real happiness. But happiness cannot come, it is always there. Knowing that you are magnificent is the discovery of happiness. Believing that you are an average person with no magnificence is the darkness. Why should we believe in such lies? Would you ever believe that you are a horse? Then why would you believe that you are an average person.

You cannot believe your truth you can only know your truth. You are that which you wish you could be. You are the wealth, you are the love, you are the stars, you are all there is. You are amazing. You are not a reflection of happiness, you are the happiness. You are the truth.

Then why do you choose to forget this truth? Why do you buy into the lies that you hear from others? Because you make a choice. When society gives you pressure, you make a choice to go along with them rather than standing out. You would rather mixed in than stand out. It is just so much more comfortable or so you think. Your thinking is the problem.

Thinking is tool that got us where we are in our evolutionary process. The tool that is our best friend but without the proper discipline our worst enemy. When someone tells you that are not good enough you think of it as the truth. You start believing the lie as a truth because it seems easier. It feels wrong but seems right. Right is not the truth. Truth has no right or wrong. Truth is the truth. Something is either the truth or nothing at all.

I don’t want to go into the lies that you have believed but I do want to show you the truth you are seeking. What you seek is already there. Your magnificence is the truth. You are the love. Don’t believe into the lies that anyone has told you. Know your own magnificence. You do not have to start thinking. You have to do exact opposite of thinking. You simply have to be. Being is the truth. You simply have to relax and let your truth lead you where you need to be. There is nothing new to invent but a few things to discover. Discover yourself in the light of truth. Just for a minute, know that you are all that there is. Just for a minute, say with me that “I am all that there is and that is the truth”. Your personal truth is you are a spiritual being in the human form. You are here to enjoy the ride. Nothing that has ever happened in your past can take away your truth. Your truth cannot be touched because lie doesn’t exist. Lie is the illusion. Let’s be open to our truth. Let’s be open to our magnificence.

Unique Journey to the Whole

Image  by Chris Bourne from

It is said that real happiness lies in the journey itself and not in the destination.
We are all on a unique journey.
It is a journey to experience pure joy in the physical form and evolve our consciousness.
When we are born we know this but by the time we reach adulthood our environment creates the illusion for need of sufferings.
One of the reasons we forget that our journeys are unique is due to a constant pressure of
competition. A lot of us are told that unless we are successful according to the expectations of society we are not really successful. We are not enough educated, we don’t have a great job, our friends are not good enough, we haven’t bought a house yet, we are not married yet, we are too fat or too skinny, the list is endless.
The truth is that no two journeys can ever be compared. If two trains are going to the same destination but taking different routes and reaching at different times, the trains have still fulfilled their purposes. The trains have boarded different people from different stations. Both routes are equally important for the train transportation as a whole.
Sometimes we feel depressed because we have not reached our own set goals. There is no need to suffer from this illusion of failure.
We are part of the whole universe. The things that happen to us may seem unimportant but they are needed for our journeys so that we can evolve our consciousness.
Never feel that you must do something to in order to be successful. You are already a success because you are part of the universe. By being born you have embarked on a journey that is needed for evolution of universal consciousness.
Your only part is to do things that you enjoy. If you don’t have things that you enjoy then do things in a way that they give you joy. A simple way to enjoy things is to simply be aware. When you are aware of your breath your stress cannot stay and you can enjoy the present moment.
 When you are aware of things rather than thinking about things, you cannot experience anxiety. Do things in simple ways rather than complicating them.
Remember that you can never rush. You are never too late. You are never too early. You are not fat. You are not skinny. You are on your own unique journey.
Don’t distress yourself for the things that happened or didn’t happen.Everything is at the perfect pace. When you interfere with this pace, you lose the peace and the joy that comes from that activity. So don’t take pressure from anyone and enjoy your journey.
Your journey is important for the whole universe.The only journey is within!!